Living abroad and speaking a foreign language don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand in today’s globalized world. Especially in a place like Finland. But it’s always easier if they do.

Language Catalyst looks at language through new eyes: not as a skill to be acquired but a lifestyle and a life to be lived…one step at a time. We all have the ability to learn language.

This is a place to help you figure out what you really need, overcome your fears and start living your life to the fullest, whether that means learning Finnish, improving your English or just getting inspired.

Irina new


Got a question? I could have your answer!

Write to me with your question or issue and I’ll reply and/or post an answer on the blog. Topics include:
– anything related to learning Finnish, or another language (basically learning a language),
– could be something you’re stuck on, confused about, or don’t know how to do yet,
– making somewhere new your home,
– a fear or limiting belief.
The answer could be just a click away…

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